Refund Policy


On acceptance of any price quoted or agreed upon regarding your customised or special event cake order, a 40% non-refundable & non-transferrable deposit is required.  Without your deposit, we will not hold your date.  Priority will be given to paying customers. 

Final Payments:

All final payments are due seven days prior to the event date.  If full payment has not been made by this time or you (the customer) have not made contact with us regarding late payment options, then the cake may be cancelled (see Cancellations terms).


Cake Box Ltd reserves the right to refuse refund for the cancellation of a confirmed/booked cake order, and may still charge if an order is cancelled less than 72 hours before pick-up time.  This applies to both, online or in-store orders where deposits or full payments have been made. 

Refunds for Consumable Products:

  1. Due to the nature of our business Cake Box Ltd reserves the right NOT to refund, replace or exchange any of our consumable products (baked products) if you (the customer) have simply changed your mind about your purchase, or you have made a poor choice.  We advise that you choose carefully prior to purchase.
  2. Cake Box Ltd also reserves the right NOT to refund, replace or exchange any consumable products (baked products) if you (the customer) have left the store and the product is damaged in part or whole in any way (accidently or otherwise).

Refunds for Non-Consumable Items:

If any non-consumable products (ie: cake accessories) purchased in store is faulty we will meet our obligations under the Consumers Guarantees Act (CGA) to provide a remedy.  In this case, a receipt of purchase and the faulty item (in its original packaging) are required, and you (the customer) must make contact with us no later than 48hours after purchase. 

Pick-Up & Transportation:

If you choose to pick-up your Wedding or Special occasion cake and transport it your-self, Cake Box Ltd is not liable or responsible for any damages in part or whole caused to the cake once it leaves our premises.

We do everything in our power to provide a well-structured cake for you, but please note that your cake is very fragile and consideration is required when driving.  We suggest that you prepare your vehicle so that it is clean and free from items that may roll or slide into your cake.  Or, you may want to bring someone with you that can hold the cake during transportation. We strongly advise that you drive carefully and brake gently, especially around corners. 

Special Requests:

  1. Cake Box Ltd is not liable or responsible for the taste, texture or freshness of cakes that have been provided by the customer for us to decorate.  
  2. In the case whereby, Cake Box Ltd has supplied the cake(s) but they have been decorated by the customer, Cake Box Ltd will not accept liability or responsibility for the final presentation of the cake(s) or if the exterior of the cake is damaged in part or whole.
  3. Cake Box Ltd does not accept any requests for special decorations or alterations to cakes or sweet treats that are ordered online through our website.  However, we do accept custom and or bulk orders in- store.  We suggest that you (the customer) contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements. 


Cake Box Ltd does not deliver to residential addresses for any reason, but we can deliver to businesses and Wedding venues at an extra charge.  In these circumstances, delivery details are arranged upon appointment.

Customer Complaints:

Customer complaints can be lodged directly, by making an appointment to speak with the manager or via email communications.  We take customer complaints seriously and will endeavour to respond to them within 24hours of receipt. 


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